Driving Directions

From Ft. Frances

Please Drive Carefully. Canada's speed limits are in kilometers per hour.

- When you cross the border and clear customs at Fort Frances, Canada get onto HWY 11 East.
- Follow HWY 11 to HWY 502 North (approx. 20 miles).
- Turn left onto HWY 502 North to Dryden (approx. 130 miles).
- From Dryden, follow HWY 17 West to Vermillion Bay (approx. 25 miles). - From Vermillion Bay, turn right onto HWY 105 North, heading towards Ear Falls. - Follow HWY 105 north to 804 West (approx. 63 miles). (This is the road that will take you to the Stork Lake Lodge boat landing/pickup point. This road is gravel and can be rough, so take your time.)
*** Stop at the Four Seasons Bait Shop at this point to pick up your fishing license and to call the resort. Continue north on HWY 105 and go into Ear Falls (approx. 3 miles) to reach the Bait Shop. Please call us at 807-727-2481 to let us know that you are on your way to the pickup point.) There are also places to get gas and food further down the road on HWY 105 in Ear Falls.
- Return to 804 and turn right. Check your odometer, it is exactly 45 miles to the boat landing/pickup point road.
- Follow 804 for 12 miles and you will come to a Y in the road. When you get to the Y, follow it to the right. You are now on a logging road. This road can be rough, so take your time.
- Follow this road for 33 miles and turn left onto the boat landing/pickup point road. There are signs for both the resort and the landing at this turn.
- Follow the pickup point road to the boat landing, which is at the end of this road. Drive slow, this road can be rough also.
- Lodge personnel will be waiting to pick you up.

Winter Months (October 1 - May 11)

We are closed, but can be reached at our U.S. contact information.

10520 Roosevelt St
Indianola, IA
United States, 50125

Phone Number: 507-477-2020

E-mail Address: storklakelodge@hotmail.com

Fly-in Service

Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival date at Stork Lake Lodge. We will call and/or email you the contact information so you can make your own airline arrangements.