Moose Hunting (Archery)

Stork Lake Lodge offers a 7 day archery moose hunt during the rut in late September. This can be a very exciting hunt with a chance of 60” bulls coming in. That is a shot you do not want to miss. Make sure your bow is in perfect operating condition and practice on your placement from an elevated stand at least 12’ in the air. You will have no problem getting your bow across the Canadian border as long as it is in the case. Your shot placement should be right behind the front shoulder just below the center line. Please practice on shooting as close as 1 yard and out to 40 yards. Our guides have brought moose in as close as 3 feet. The success rate for moose hunting is high because of our large and remote hunting area. This offers quality hunts with a shot at a trophy moose.

$4500.00 (USD) per tag
$2000.00 (USD) GUIDE FEE which can be split between two hunters